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Using Pallets for Home Décor: 5 Ways to Do It Elegantly

As long as you are running a manufacturing and/or shipping business, the pallets you use should be of the highest quality, but once they start getting old after years of use and it is time to order a new truckload of wood pallets, you can still find utility in the old pallets by designing your home with them. Here are five gorgeous ideas that will make you want to start right now.

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Make a Wooden Sectional Outside

Just like you have that L or U-shaped sectional sofa inside, make one outside in the yard with wooden pallets, minus the cushions of course. The structure of pallets is so appropriate for this that it can be considered a moderate-level DIY project, as long as you have experience. Do put in an ottoman-style pallet table in the middle of the sectional as well to complete the look. The whole setup can look great in a pergola or on the patio if you have one, but feel free to put it up by the fence if you don’t.

Pallet Shelf

Pallet shelves are decorative pieces all by themselves, but you should put in a vase, a handcrafted art piece, along with some books to make it look really nice and classy in your study or the drawing room. Alternatively, you can just use the pallet shelf as a dedicated bookshelf in your office, library or drawing room. The pallet wall-shelf is another idea that’s similar but instead of the shelf being an independent piece of furniture, it becomes a part of the wall itself. This one is probably the easiest to make on your own, but just like with all the other projects on this list, consult a professional if you don’t have sufficient experience with woodwork.

Renovate a Wall with Pallet Panels

Paneling a wall with wood is an aesthetic idea that offers a visual break from the general décor of the room. The pallets can be taken apart for paneling with the slats, but some people prefer to keep a bit of the pallet’s structure intact because of the uniqueness it provides to the décor.

Coat and Shoe Rack

Easy to make and mighty useful, a coat and shoe rack made from old pallets looks great beside the door. Bigger pallets might actually make the job of building a shoe rack easier due to the natural stacked design of pallets in general.

Pallet Table

We already mentioned the ottoman-style table, but that’s not the only option of course. If you want a large garden table for picnics and barbeques, or a small coffee table for tea parties, old pallets are perfect for those too. Just add a bit of color to match or complement the surrounding décor.

As wood pallets are basically stacked wooden slats, a lot more can be made from them really, so feel free to let your imagination and creativity run wild. Some experimentation might be required and not all of them will come out perfect, but that’s basically how you learn to hone your DIY game anyway.

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