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Top rated 2,654 Reviews And Complaints About Maytag Washers & Dryers

Maytag+Washer+And+Dryer+SetsWe purchased this washer (MHW05500FWD) and dryer set in 09/26/2016 and have had nothing but challenges. I have had the repairmen out twice. The very first time the washer wasn’t rinsing out clothes, when the repairman came out he could not uncover something. In June of 2017 the similar thing come about. Once once again the repairman came out. I discovered out that there was a recall on the part which was on Backordered. Now the matching dryer model MED5500FWD is not drying. This is the worst washer and dryer I have ever personal. I will Never personal a further front loader again. Buyer Beware!!! 1st we bought the washer and not even a month soon after it was ruined. In the span of the year that we’ve had it, it has broken down about 3 times. Then we bought the matching dryer in August and by the beginning of December it has broken down. Called consumer service and they are not coming until January 18. Have me waiting over a month to fix it. Worst brand ever and even worse buyer service. Never once more will I obtain something from this brand.

Maytag HE Top rated Loader Washing Machine: I have regretted buying this piece of garbage given that my first wash. This washing machine is total waste of dollars and a piece of garbage. The Auto Sensing doesn’t work and does not cover the clothing with enough water. When the deep water wash is chosen the clothes just float around but the agitator doesn’t get them clean. Never waste your revenue hoping it will function, for the reason that it will not. Maytag utilised to signify high-quality that is no longer the case. I am going to also give a terrible evaluation to the spot I bought this piece of garbage mainly because all stores have to have to discontinue selling this junk.Maytag+Washer+And+Dryer+Sets

Purchased a Maytag top loader washer from Lowe’s in July 2017. Have had absolutely nothing but difficulties due to faulty computerized guts. Worked intermittently and took a lengthy time to wash compared to older machine. Repairman out twice… replaced personal computer board and nonetheless have difficulties. The machine was produced in Canada according to the label. Hey Canada, what is going on creating junk? As well negative that we did not know beforehand what junk the Maytag brand has come to be. Lowe’s must not sell this junk to help its reputation and valued customers.

This washer (Model# MVWB765FW1) will not wash your clothing. It really is not created to give sufficient water for washing. That indicates some clothes will nevertheless be dry right after agitator cycle seriously. Thank you Maytag for going green! The repairman will inform you the machine is functioning according to design. That is true but the machine is a fraud as a garments washing machine. The weight of the garments in the tub tells the pc how a lot water to apply very good luck with that. We learned that if we add a bucket and a half of water, the clothes will come clean. Do you want to do that? Maytag applied to be a great name.

I purchased this machine (MVWB765FW0) because I had a excellent experiences with Maytag in the past. There is a manufacture defect in this unique machine. If I have been you, I would not obtain it. I’ve lost two sets of bedsheets and my wife had a dress that she loved that got ripped up at the bottom in between the agitator and the base of the machine. Maytag knows about the difficulty and does not have a answer.

We bought major load washer model # MVWC425BW1 at Lowe’s brand new 9/22/14 for $493.93. On 11/23/2017 it stopped working and would not even come on soon after lid locked. Discovered out it needed new parts that would cost us over $300 to fix and we could buy yet another new washer for $400. We are pretty disappointed that this washer with only two individuals only worked 3 years when we believed we had purchased a dependable item that would last. Sent quite a few messages in November but no response till currently 12/13/17 after filing. BBB complaint filed and they decline to do anything. So this enterprise just wants to sell solutions but has no customer service. They only give a year warranty. Of course if the item is not going to last they want you to purchase a lot more.

We purchased new appliances when we moved to our new property final June (2016). Sears recommended the Maytag 600S pair (HE washer and dryer). We have contacted Sears several time to have service persons out mainly because quite a few times (75%) the washer does not fill with sufficient water to wet all the clothing and there is a layer of dry clothes at the leading when the wash cycle ends. MSRP is the Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Cost and may possibly not necessarily be the cost at which the item is sold in the consumer’s area.

Only 2 months right after acquiring the Neptune Washer I required a service contact as the washer was not draining. Technician replaced the pump and cleaned the drain filter. four months later the same situation happened. three months later the pc board was replaced and filter cleaned. Since getting this washer I have had to have five service calls to have it fixed. I named Maytag and they told me it is my fault the filter is clogged. Although the items in the filter are from my family’s laundry the filter is located in the middle of the machine which demands the machine to be torn apart to clean the filter. This is a TERRIBLE design and style flaw which is NOT covered beneath the maintenance agreement as the service technician stated this problem was caused by us. Maytag was the absolute worse to deal with as I have spoken to two levels of consumer assistance managers and all of them stated it’s my fault.

Initially we purchased the washer and not even a month immediately after it was ruined. In the span of the year that we’ve had it, it has broken down about 3 instances. Then we bought the matching dryer in August and by the beginning of December it has broken down. Known as customer service and they are not coming till January 18. Have me waiting over a month to repair it. Worst brand ever and even worse customer service. Never ever once more will I obtain anything from this brand.

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