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Macy's+Furniture+Departmentdepartment retailer at Walden Galleria has renovated the initial-floor annex into a furnishings division. Positioned on the reduce level, the division will be ready for customers at the finish of July, according to a press release from the mall. I spoke with Macy’s customer service, sent them photos and so on. They told me the chair could be returned but we would have to spend a 15% restock charge even although I had the chair two days. They refused to stand by their product and I ended up losing $150.00 on the acquire (delivery and restock). They are the worst business I have ever dealt with. Please assume twice just before creating a big buy with them. We had been so upset. The entire family members loved the chair and now we are out $150.00 on a very large acquire that took me awhile to make. I have attached a single picture and there was another mark as effectively.

We bought our teen son a bedroom set that is now a year and a half old and paid more than $5,000 for it! Here we are with nevertheless a new set and the ledge that supports the slats broke in half! Our son is not a undesirable jumper nor is he overweight! When I named Macy’s they provided definitely no recourse, not even an apology! I am on a rampage to get my issue remedied as we paid as well much for a bed that is clearly shoddy in its construction!!! Macy’s appear out!!

I bought a Julius Leather Sectional effectively more than $3300.00 dollars. I have had it for four days now. The energy chair blew out. Sparks came out of the chair. The value tag is still on the sectional. I tried to chat with a representative about the problem as I also bought the warranty. The representative refuse to help me since I did not have the order quantity. So, I known as right after repeating myself quite a few occasions, I noticed on the call I was placed on mute. When I asked about why I was becoming muted, the agent explained that she would transfer me to an English speaker. I talked with somebody name Travis. He stated he could not find me in the method. He was rude and indifferent and did not even introduce himself or apologize about what occurred without my prompting. He then hung up. I referred to as back and a nice young lady explained why she could not assist me. I was told to call in the morning.Macy's+Furniture+Department

Bought a outdoor sectional with Sunbrella cushion. Purchased the warranty and when making a claim they denied it. They wouldn’t cover sun broken on Sunbrella cushions. What a waste of money! Should really have reviewed it very first. I see a lot of unhappy shoppers. Macy’s is messing up big time with this. Regrettably all I can do now is let folks know how poor they are and not shop there anymore. I lost as soon as. Won’t catch me once again.

I known as worrynomore currently simply because I had discoloration stain that on my wood dining table that occurred over the weekend. I stated that I did not know what triggered the discoloration. The rep denied my claim saying that only stains from spills are covered, but simply because I stated I never know what brought on my stain, it is denied and she cannot edit my claim after it really is denied. In addition, she mentioned I will not be in a position to use my warranty for something else unless I pay their recommended person to repair this stain initially. This makes no sense and is completely a scam.

In Feb 2016 I bought a set of bed for my son. A year later, the box broke with out any explanation. I named Macy’s, and sent a technician who could not repair it. It was agreed that I would invest in a new game of bed and they would give me the credit of the quantity I paid at initially. Now (05/01/2017) 41 days immediately after delivering the new mattress, this again broke. Poor high-quality, poor service, and very pricey price tag. I regret getting it. Full set for 740.00. For this cost I would absolutely get a high high quality set. Second and last time I purchase macy’s. I advise you that you are searching for a mattress to obtain, appear elsewhere… anyplace is much far better than macy’s.

Summary: It took two deliveries to get my order correct and yet, I was billed a restocking charge a day immediately after I corrected an error entered from the sales representative. I was told that I had two weeks to purchase an further warranty when I had only 3 days. I was told that the movers would move my current furnishings to one more space only to discover out that they could not due to the fact the room was downstairs and now I have a defective couch.

Save your income. Do not acquire any warranty service from Macy’s. The Worry No Far more Warranty is a rip off. This organization will try each and every which way to deny your claim. The individuals are educated to use a play on words to make positive that your claim is denied. It is disgusting actually. They give shoppers a false sense of safety considering their furniture is protected! My leather is basically just coming off my sectional and even even though the warranty clearly states that it covers the peeling/cracking leather they known as it fading and denied it. This is with the ultimate program which I paid $600 for. What a waste of revenue!!! DO NOT GIVE THESE THIEVES ANY A lot more Cash!!! Shame on Macy’s for hiring them, for this is truly a reflection on Macy’s. I am disgusted.

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